Saturday, May 1, 2010

Assignment 2


  1. Wow! Maren, that is fantastic. Looks just like mom!

    Well done.


  2. Thanks Dad!
    I think I had a better plan this that involved less beating the paper with an eraser over and over again. And all of the re-coloring and re-smudging that makes such a mess. I drew out the shapes of the face and messed with them as lines until it looked about right. When I went in and did the shading I had much less trouble. That's not to say that I don't still see problems with it. It doesn't quite look like her face is resting on her hands, and I couldn't quite get the nose right. But I did go in and spend some quality time defining the ear...Ears give me a lot of trouble. Of course's a little too defined.

  3. That's mom alright. I'm going to throw out a lot of things I noticed because they all make mom look younger. Nothing wrong with that! They were still mom. Perhaps I'm in a Star Trek mood but the thin nose and sharp ears make me wonder if we're related to Spock somehow.

    The eyes, the cheeks and the mouth look great to me. It looks like you marked where the nose shadow falls across her upper lip and then connected it with the edge of left nostril. This makes the shadow look wrong. The nose is skinnier than the picture but if you had the skinny nose shadow fall correctly according to the light in the picture I probably wouldn't have noticed anything.

    If you'd corrected the nose shadow I wouldn't have seen it as a mistake but a reference for mom if she ever wanted to pay for plastic surgery. By the way, Mom, I love your nose like it is.

    Now I can't get Roxanne out of my head: "I love your nose, Charlie. You have a great big beautiful nose Charlie..."