Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Assignment 4


  1. I started with pencil and then added some water color, which made an interesting texture. I don't think I managed to get the fabric very well, but I think I got the glass.

  2. I like the texturing on the books. The bottle came out nicely and the glass heart (is it glass?) well even if its plastic it works. There's more detail in your flower than i can see in the photo! I think i'd have trouble with that fabric too. Silky is hard. I'm disappointed that you didn't add the rest of the room!!! =P

  3. I love the consistency of your water color texture and style. I can't see the texture of the bottle in the photo, but you gave it a nice "prisimy" crispness. The flower is far more interesting than the real one. The bottle and the locket are great textural contrasts with the soft flower and fabric.
    A little more sharpening of the contrast in the folds of the fabric up front (maybe leaving some white exposed) to level the plane and push the books back visually.
    It would have been fun to see the books angled. How you seperated it from the rest of the background and the wonderful gossip going on back there, I don't know!